Famous Beards: Do People Become Known Because of Their Famous Beards?


This is a crazy world we live in today. People become famous for many reasons. Some are huge and deserve recognition. Fame garnered from an act of bravery or some esteemed position or benevolence seems like an honor well-earned. On the other hand, some reasons that people become famous seem quite silly or even petty. Could famous beards be one of them?

On the seemingly well-deserved side we have reasons like: war heroes, presidents, Nobel Peace Prize winners, etc. Then we have the more mundane but worthy people like singers, actors, authors, athletes and a whole bunch more famous for something. Then we come to things like serial killers, just plain outlaws, some guy in a YouTube video and people who invent useless things like the "Pet Rock" that make the national and even the global news.

It's clear that we people bestow fame on many people for many different reasons. The real question at hand is: Do people become known because of their famous beards. It may seem silly. But just hearing the words famous beards probably conjured up images of certain people in your mind. Well let's discuss some people who are known because of their beards.

Before we get too far we should define what a beard is. It is a collection of facial hair found on the chin, cheeks, neck and the jaw area. It generally does not include hair in the area of the upper lip. However, in a broad sense facial hair on the upper lip is considered part of a beard or beard style. Generally only adult males have or desire to have beards. Some women have been known to have excessive facial hair growth, such as the bearded lady in the circus.

So when you first hear the words "famous beards" what images come to mind? Here are some of the most common men named:

Jesus Christ has been respected and acknowledged all these years as our Savior and Redeemer. While we don't have any photographs of him, the pictures that we generally see of Him show Him with a beard. If you saw a painting of Jesus without a beard would you recognize who the artist was depicting in the painting?

Leonardo Da Vinci is another famous bearded man. He is known as a painter of some of the most famous works like the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper. He was also a sculptor, inventor and architect. What would this famous Renaissance man look like without his beard?

Abraham Lincoln often donned a curtain beard with no mustache. He was one of America's great presidents. But would you recognize him without his beard? Even the statue of Honest Abe at the Lincoln Memorial shows him with his beard and stovepipe hat.

Santa Claus is also known by many other names. The legend says that this fictional character is fashioned after a real man known as St. Nicolas. In any case everyone knows that Santa Claus has a full white beard. He is probably the next well-known character next to Jesus. His beard is famous and he is famous. The two are inseparable. Mrs. Claus wouldn't even know Santa without his beard. Know kore https://blackbeardproducts.com

If these examples don't convince you, then consider Brian Wilson. He is a modern major league baseball pitcher who grew a full black beard that has really created his image. His fan's mantra is "Fear the Beard". Again we can ask what would he look like without his beard? Who would recognize him? I submit to you that he would not be Brian Wilson without his famous beard.